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Keep Calm, It's Dead Jim

Sat Oct 5, 2013, 5:45 AM

As some may already know, this past week I've been away staying at my Grans place. During this stay, I visited the West Somerset Railway, as I often do.

I visited the WSR on Thrusday, which was also the first day of their four day Cambrian (Welsh) themed steam gala, to "celebrate the 150th Anniversary of two of the independent Railway Companies in Mid-Wales which eventually merged to become parts of the Cambrian Railways Company", which later became part of the expanded Great Western Railway in 1922, and later part of British Railways in 1948

As part of the gala, they mainly had manor class locomotives, along with a Hall and Castle class, running passenger trains between their station, which they had renamed after ones found on the former Cambrian stretch of line.

The one small problem though with having a Welsh themed gala, is that you're running the risk of British Weather looking over to you and saying "Huh. Welsh theme you say? Here, have some Welsh weather to go with it"
Sure enough, this is what happened.

Unfortunately for me, I happened to be waiting at a level crossing some way down the line to take photos of the passing trains when the Welsh weather rolled on in. With no nearby shelter, I bore the full brunt of the resulting torrential downpour of rain.
Well... when I say I bore the full brunt of it, that's not entirely true. While I did my best to keep my camera sheltered, it alas ended up bearing a lot of the brunt of the downpour as well, due mainly to the sudden freak gusts of wind that seemed determined to drench the pour thing, no matter how much I tried sheltering it.

Despite this though, during a break in the weather, I was still able to get some good shots of the passing locomotives before turning to head back to the station.

During the walk back though, the weather again worsened, and I found myself being drenched from head to toe, again.
This time, the assault of the weather proved too much for my poor camera. Just as I was approaching the station, the inevitable happened

Yeah, that's right. My poor EOS 450D DSLR camera, was dead. Brutally murdered by the drunken Welsh weather, which had been dragged over to Somerset by it's English brother. The rainwater had managed to seep into the camera, and had completely fried the internal electronics

Fortunately though, I always carry a secondary camera (currently an Canon Powershot G10), so I was able to continue on through the rest of the day taking photographs.
Additionally, further inspection revealed that the memory card from my 450D had also survived, so no photo's had been lost.
More importantly though, the 70-300mm lens I was using at the time was also undamaged.
(Edit #1: Strike that. Lenses autofocus has died. Off to the Canon repair centre it is for that lens!)

Now, I'd been thinking of upgrading to a newer camera from my 450D for a while now. Ideally, I'd like to upgrade to one that can shoot HD video. Up until now though, I'd not considered the expense worth while, as I rarely have the need, or urge, to shoot video anyway.

With the death of my 450D though, I have have a reason to upgrade.

After some research, I've narrowed my choice down to to two cameras. The Canon EOS 650D, and the Canon EOS 70D.

Both of these cameras can shoot HD video, and both can also automatically auto-focus while shooting video (I had been considering the 60D, but ruled it out as it lacks the ability to autofocus while recording video)

Now, the 70D (mid-level DSLR) has many, many advantages over the 650D (entry-level DSLR).

The 70D has a better view-finder, longer battery life, better image quality, a higher resolution (20MP vs 17.9 MP), faster shutter speeds (up to 1/8000s vs up to 1/4000s), shoots faster (7fps vs 5fps), and, most importantly, the 70D is weather sealed, unlike the 650D

Unfortunately though, the 70D does have one rather big disadvantage... Whereas I could probably get a 650D for between 300 to 350 online... the 70D will set me back considerably more, between 800 and 1000.

Quite the difference in price right?
Now, add on to that price difference the fact that I'm also in need to getting a new printer, and will most likely be opting for a multifunction colour LASER printer which will set me back at least 250...
Now, also add on the fact that I'm trying to save up for a new custom built desktop PC...
Now, add on the fact that I also need to purchase an external blu-ray disc writer, and also several blu-ray disc in order to back up data from my old desktop PC, which only has 50GB of space left on the dedicated storage hard-drive
Yeeeeeeeeh. That 650D is quickly becoming the favourable choice here I think :XD:

Edit #2: Screw it, I went ahead and bought the 70D. The price for the 70D briefly dropped from 1079 on Amazon, to roughly 955, so I nabbed one while it was at that price. Could have gotten it for 820 on eBay... Buuuuuuut all of the 70D's on eBay that were less then 950 were grey imports from China. Not really worth taking the chance on those, as the warranties for them typically aren't worth the paper their written on :P


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